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Heritage PROJECTS St Marys Cathedral (Exterior)
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St Marys exterior lighting was designed to exceed the key lighting criteria with a balance of feature and general area lighting befitting this significant and historical Perth Cathedral. The design essentially uses light modelling with inground uplighters and strategically placed roof floodlighting to provide dramatic and bold illumination of the building exterior facades and features. The main western faade visible from Murray Street has increased illumination to reinforce this as the main entry into the Cathedral at night. This compliments the distant view from the most prominent approach from the central CBD along Murray St.

The main entry door has deliberately been left in silhouette to create a bold contrast with the surrounding lit faade whilst promoting a unique window view through the artists wrought iron screen and clear door glazing. The view through the door extends to the Sanctuary Altar and beyond, to the coloured LED Chapel screen at the far end of the Cathedral. The effect is bold yet in harmony with the surrounding facades and interior colour contrasts. The result is dramatic and moving like a Window to the soul.