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The opportunity to relight one of Perths major historical landmark buildings, described as an Architectural Gem, presented many unique challenges and with it a responsibility to ensure the highest standard of lighting integration to worlds best practice. The Cathedral was completed in 1888 and is constructed of handmade bricks with a gothic revival design enhanced by a blend of local and imported materials.

The lighting includes two operating systems, a Public mode and Services mode.
Public mode is essentially an economy mode which utilises longer life, low wattage, metal halide luminaires. These are supplemented with a small number of dimmable halogen luminaires from the Services mode illuminating some of the key focal points such as the alter, crucifix, etc. The Services mode utilises a predominantly theatrical lighting system, fully adjustable with dimmed halogen and incandescent lamps. Each Service mode has been choreographed and scene set with the client working group to accommodate the many different services, concerts and special events held in the Cathedral.