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Lighting PROJECTS Scarborough Rotary Clock Tower and Amphitheatre
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As a major landmark in the Scarborough Beachfront precinct the relighting of the Rotary Clock Tower was deemed an important first step in the State Governments plans to redevelop the entire Scarborough Beachfront area. Great care was taken by the lighting designers to ensure that the historical architecture was not impacted adversely by the installation and that no alterations were made to the external concrete. Spotlights and floodlights are hidden from view, nestled in nooks and niches throughout the surrounds and uplights are situated close to the foundations to provide maximum effect for minimal physical impact.

To maintain the symbology of community spirit, the tower colour changes to reflect public holidays and fundraisers such as Christmas and Pink Ribbon Day. An intelligent lighting control system within wireless lighting interface provides automated and manual control via smart phone, tablet or remote PC. The Scarborough Rotary Clock Tower is important both historically and culturally and now provides a major landmark at night within the Scarborough Beachfront.

The existing Amphitheatre canopy was transformed into a piece of art recognisable far in the distance. Fourteen RGBW area lights and an innovative lighting control system endowed the canvas with eye-catching effects designed to replicate the motion of waves on the neighboring beach or enhance the atmosphere at performances and events. The lighting scenes were choreographed to link to the Rotary Clock Tower lighting control to bring cohesion to the space.