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The Perth Cultural Centre project began with a series or Short Term Activation Quick Win projects which were identified and scheduled for completion within the first 3-6 months of the projects inception. A key role for ETC during these works was to initiate upgrade, repairs and replacement of existing heritage building fade uplighting deemed an important visual Quick Win for the Client.

The main works included major power upgrades for performance spaces, Retail and Kiosk Supplies, further lighting improvements and initiation of MOUs on behalf of the Government Client (MRA) with the various stakeholders to secure the necessary power infrastructure needed for MRA to activate the space.

ETC were further engaged to deliver major works and services for the CHOGM Event held October 2011.These works included LED lighting to Enhance public spaces, an LED Event Screen, expansion of the City of Perth and WA Police CCTV systems as well as Access Control and CCTV monitoring at the major entries to Perth Cultural Centre Precinct.