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The new lighting to Howard Lane is part of an urban initiative aimed at revitalising Perths Laneways, with Howard Lane being the first project in this strategy adopted by the City of Perth in 2008. The space provides access to a number of small Bars which are accessed from the Laneway. This urban space place activation has been revived from a service lane to a destination point servicing other events such as exhibitions and festivals.

Energy efficiency has been achieved through the use of Metal Halide and LED lamps controlled via ambient light sensing switches. The integration of the LED light sources into the chandeliers provides a high degree of contrast and visual interest. The light interacting with the suspended aluminium chain curtain reinforces the transparency and decorative form of these unique lighting features. The combination of both lighting systems provides contemporary elements that fit comfortably within the Urban Heritage surrounds. The chandeliers add vibrancy and the quality lighting encourage activity in what was once an underutilised space.