Winner of IES International Lighting Award of Excellence (WA) – All Saints College Performing Arts Centre Internal Foyer and Auditorium

The new All Saints College Centre for Performing Arts building in Bullscreek, WA was officially opened on Thursday, 14 March 2013. The building incudes Auditorium, Entry Foyer, Green Room, various areas supporting the performance spaces and general Classrooms.

The Colleges vision to create this building came about from research highlighting the vital role of arts education for school students. The Centre for Performing Arts Auditorium has a 421 seat capacity and extensive wood panelling provides warmth and beauty to the Auditorium entry/breakout foyer areas.

The application of modern lighting design to the interior with the combination of warm coloured wall wash lighting throughout all the foyer areas provides much of the general illumination. The texture and warmth of the wood panelling on the main Auditorium lobby and foyer walls is highlighted, creating an inviting and comfortable interior space.

Custom made cassette luminaires used to accommodate varying ceiling rake angles and access from the service gantry above was employed for the Auditorium lighting, utilising dimmable LED Light engines as the pre performance house lighting. An additional House Light system employing metal halide lamps provides lighting for general use, school assemblies, seminars and cleaning.

From the very early concept meetings the aesthetic and performance requirements of the lighting were identified as key objectives. The lighting needed to communicate simplicity, elegance and well integrated designs, as these factors reinforced the architectural language and environmental design principals of the new Performing Arts Centre. The lighting also needed to convey the function of the building as well as providing adequate illumination. The concepts developed by ETC addressed the three main qualitative criteria being; ambient, accent and scenic light, to deliver a truly unique and visually balanced solution.

The Auditorium interior and exterior walls are wrapped in feature timber panelling. These walls express the building form and provide the central framework rising up through the building. Light reflected from these walls was used to provide the ambient component of light. Accent lighting was provided to key areas including the ticket office, concessions/bar and artworks, to add visual interest to the Foyer. Suspended tubular pendants provided the scenic component of light also contributing to visual interest.

Within the Auditorium, the walls, ceiling and seating needed to achieve the correct balance of light to suit a variety of functions and lighting scenes. Again a combination of ambient, accent and scenic lighting was considered essential to achieve the desired lighting effect. Wall washing, down lighting to seats and controlled sparkle from the step and overhead lighting was used to achieve the design objectives.

Daylight from the southern glass faade and oculus skylights provides useful efficient lighting during daylight hours. During low daylight conditions and at night the electric lighting provides the required illumination through the combination of direct, reflected and borrowed light. The result is a warm and welcoming interior that is safe and comfortable, whilst creating visual interest. The direct lighting to the stairs was a key consideration in achieving compliance and adequate lighting to this high risk area.

The high efficiency was delivered through careful selection of LED, Fluorescent and Metal Halide light sources and the delivery of light where needed. The wall washing of the timber panels provided a rich, warm reflected light.

Switching groups and dimming are utilised to allow as much daylight use in the Foyer as possible, therefore generally reducing the need for all lighting to be operated during the day. In the Auditorium the lighting control is integrated with the performance lighting control desk to allow LED house lights to be dimmed during performances.

The lamps used for extended periods, such as the Auditorium overhead lighting is LED to provide the greatest level of efficiency in terms of energy and maintenance. Metal Halide lamps are used as the secondary House Light source to achieve higher levels of illumination needed for Seminar use of the Auditorium.

The Centre for Performing Arts building was recognised in a number of Architectural Awards, which were 2013 AIA Architecture Awards – Awarded an Architectural Commendation in the Public Category and an Architectural Award in the Interior Section.

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