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Wembley Golf Course has undergone a major redevelopment to improve the facilities to patrons and the wider community. The works included:

  • New 18-hole mini golf facility
  • Refurbishment of the Pro Golf Shop to suit the mini golf facility
  • New restaurant and hospitality areas
  • New kitchen and licenced premises
  • New function centre
  • New tenancies for commercial operators and related professionals
  • New amenities comprising change rooms / toilet facilities and kiosk
  • New and modified vehicle access and car parking

The miniature golf course is the first of its kind available in Western Australia. The complete mini golf course is LED illuminated with uniformed lighting level throughout, via multiple 10 meter hinged lighting towers. Each lighting tower is provided with 3 off LED floodlights and future provision for installation of additional LED floodlighting and increase operation current to all floodlights, to increase the lighting level to playing surface.

The electrical services to the new hospitality facilities was documented to suit the specific and specialist requirements from the Town of Cambridge and Spices (current hospitality tenant). Hospitality and function facilities lighting is provided by LED with warm temperature lighting, to provide an inviting and moody atmospheric experience.

All these works have been undertaken whilst the golf complex and amenities have been fully operational, through a staged process. ETC developed a number of strategies early in the project to allow staging of the works without affecting remaining areas. Power supply provisions and communications infrastructure was carefully planned to minimise disruption of services. This early planning formed the basis of the construction methodology and proved to be cost effective in both construction and operational aspects.