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Infrastructure and Urban Development PROJECTS Perth Stadium Station
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Perth Stadium Station comprises the construction of a new six platform railway station, associated rail works and upgrade to the existing East Perth Station. As part of the consultant team appointed to complete the full design and documentation of the project, ETC carried out the electrical engineering design and documentation to the requirements of PTA which included the difficult and complex electrical systems associates with railway projects including:

  • Power distribution via network utility supply;
  • Signaling equipment power supplies, isolation transformers and communications;
  • Critical power supply system including uninterruptible power supplies, 48V DC regulated power supplies and power conditioners;
  • Earthing and bonding to platforms, traction earth system and functional earthing to PTA systems;
  • Lightning protection systems including structural bonding and surge suppression;
  • Station lighting and control, including digital control system and centrally monitored emergency lighting system;
  • SCADA monitoring and control system for the various PTA systems;
  • Public address, fire detection, fire suppression, alarms and other PTA systems.

The project was fully 3D modelled in Revit BIM software for coordination and clash detection. Due to the nature of the project, PTA has strict requirements for all aspects of the electrical systems which are specified in numerous standards and specifications. ETC's design and documentation was closely scrutinized by PTA electrical engineers during the course of the project.