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Education PROJECTS All Saints’ College Performing Arts Centre Entry Foyer and Auditorium
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The Colleges vision to create this building came about from research highlighting the vital role of arts education for school students. The Centre for Performing Arts Auditorium has a 421 seat capacity and extensive wood panelling provides warmth and ambiance to the Auditorium entry/breakout foyer areas.

The application of modern lighting design to the interior with the combination of warm coloured wall wash lighting throughout all the foyer areas provides much of the general illumination. The texture and warmth of the wood panelling on the main Auditorium lobby and foyer walls is highlighted, creating an inviting and comfortable interior space. Custom made cassette luminaires used to accommodate varying ceiling rake angles and access from the service gantry above was employed for the Auditorium lighting, utilising dimmable LED Light engines as the pre performance house lighting. An additional House Light system employing metal halide lamps provides lighting for general use, school assemblies, seminars and cleaning.